"Elegant, lush and dreamy atmospheric electronic-pop" 

- BarryGruff


“Very soothing and alluring vibes”



“Smoky, yet edgy vocals that strike a chord, full of soul but with a hint of danger”

- AnalogueTrash 


 b i o 


Heather Christie is an American singer/ songwriter, producer, and dancer. Fanning genres of electro-soul and indie-R&B, Christie’s heartfelt music embodies a message of inner empowerment. 

Born and raised in an eclectic family on the Santa Cruz coast of California, music was a central part of Christie’s life. Gifted her first guitar at age 13 and encouraged to pursue musical theatre by her grandparents, Christie got her musical education early.

Classical choir, jazz ensemble, Broadway musicals and teen singing competitions were a part of her upbringing. Heather won the grand prize in the Greater Bay Area Teen Singing Competition at age 15, and made an avid lifestyle out of community children's theatre. She starred in dozens of children’s Broadway musical productions, and directed High School plays. Heather travelled to statewide concerts to perform with her classical and jazz choirs.

Between her performance studies and her flower-power family life at Grateful Dead shows and music festivals, Christie developed her quirky niche. Blooming as a modern dancer during college, Christie integrated her performing arts education into a freshly unique amalgamation of her passions. After teaching a university course, traveling to India, and getting certified as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica, adult Christie compiled her music, dance, and philosophies together to create her own sound and style. 

In 2016 she was seen on American Idol's Finale Season as a second-round finalist in Hollywood Week. Her song 'Tincture' (released by project Feral Fauna) gained viral recognition through Spotify's Discover Weekly Playlist in 2017. She was recognized as a top regional soul artist in the Los Angeles area on Reverbnation for 10 consecutive weeks.

A collaborator at heart, Christie has co-founded music projects “Feral Fauna,” “Silk Drop” and “Sirens of Soul.” She tours internationally to music festivals and venues with her solo project. She writes, records, and produces out of her home in Topanga, CA. Christie is passionate about women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability, and supports companies like The Harmony Project through partnerships and benefit shows.



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