Vocal Alchemy & Music Business




Heather is a vocal coach, "musicpreneur" mentor, and creative empowerment facilitator. She trained at the Tamalpa Institute in Marin for Expressive Arts Therapy, received her yoga teacher certification from Bamboo Yoga Play in Costa Rica, and originated a college course at the University of Washington on somatic connection. Heather has studied with some of the best current industry coaches including Cari Cole of Cali Cole Inc, Rick Barker of Music Industry Blueprint (Taylor Swift's former manager), and Steve Palfreyman of Music Launch Hub.


​*Get in tune with your authentic voice

*Learn how to use your voice as a channel for your soulful feeling

*Fuse singing mechanics with healing approaches to singing

    Heather's teaching comes from a passion that she has carried throughout her life, coupled with a love for sharing tools and knowledge. Training in Broadway, jazz and choral singing as a youth, Heather gained valuable education for basic mechanics early on. She then received training from Expressive Arts Therapy school Tamalpa Institute, plus became a certified yoga teacher, in her 20's. Heather integrates her unique training and passion into a fusion of mechanical and expressive approaches to the art of singing. She offers her holistic curriculum to help students discover and gain mastery of their authentic voice, no matter their level of expertise. Heather offers private vocal instruction and in-person workshops. Her current vocal workshop is entitled 'Alchemizing Emotion Into Song', and is a group-oriented approach to strengthening and deepening the trust we feel in our emotional-vocal connection.


    Having learned from some of the Greats, Heather is honored to offer tools for the modern musicpreneur who wants to chart their course with wisdom and integrity. She covers the ropes of production, back-end management, royalties splits, PR, social media, branding, and many other aspects of the music business she has learned since pursuing her independent music career starting in 2012. Through a series of online courses + education in the field, Heather offers her perspective on all things "musicpreneurship." She is passionate about helping other musicians gain empowerment in their paths through one-on-one containers as well as online group courses. Her bi-annual online course is entitled 'The Wise Musicpreneur'.



Feb 6 - 13, 2020

Empowering womxn in music: We are a collaborative team of established womxn Music Producers and DJs providing sophisticated training in a lush, learning conducive environment. We offer rich and diverse content that provides tangible skills in all things music, personal empowerment and transformation.

April 11-12, 2020

Tap into the authentic connection of emotive expression through your vocal channel in this embodied, creative + community-oriented workshop.

May 7-11, 2020

Tap into your intuitive healer within through embodied arts and connection to the land. With Angelica Lemke, P.HD and Vir McCoy in Joshua Tree, CA



An Online Course for Soulful Music Creators

 A four week course to gain skills and tools for success for the modern independent music maker. From social media to branding to royalties, this course dives into how to access these tools with wisdom and full transparency. Groundbreaking approaches to access these tools with a mindset primed for success are offered - for the artist ready to take their career into their own hands and lead with soul toward success and longevity in their craft.