A guide to making passive income from your music


An online course covering everything you need to know about

generating income from your indie music releases:

from pre-release to post-release

Spinning Record


- Four 90 minute zoom classes (with a replay link if you have to miss any class)

- Interactive conversation designed to give you up-to-date information

- Step-by-step instructions on how to make money from your music

- Experiential, on-the-ground lessons from real-life artist experience

- A private community Facebook Group

- Access to Q&A

- Pay at a sliding scale rate that works for your budget




- General information and intentions

- Advantages and disadvantages of releasing music independently vs. a label and what that looks like

- How you’ll get paid and make passive income, (streams, downloads, backend sites etc.)

- Possible starting budgets and an outline of where that money could go 


- Time table

- Audio quality (recording, mixing, mastering)

- Image (dimension size, suggestions)

- Distribution process (Distrokid, cd baby, Tunecore, AWAL, label engine, etc. - pros and cons)

- Submitting to Spotify

- Submitting to blogs and playlists

- Submitting to Spotify editorial and release radar

- Pre-save campaign

- Social media hype

Release Day

- Social media channels to release on and importance / timing:

- Soundcloud

- Bandcamp

- Youtube

- Facebook

- Instagram / Instastory

- Twitter

- Tik tok

- Submithub 

- Submitting to blogs and playlists

- Pandora

- Personal website

- Liking on Spotify / sharing direct links

- File sharing (google drive, dropbox, etc.)

Post Release

- Submitting to blogs and playlists

- Songtrust

- PRO’s (BMI, ASCAP, etc.)

- Sound exchange

- Re-sharing on social media

- Remixes

Final Notes

- Your general brand 

- Doing what’s right for you

- Personal music consulting options



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Founder of Global Unity Fest and Private Consultant

Equanimous is a music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. He combines elements of downtempo, bass, house, and melodic dance music to create a joyous high vibrational atmosphere on the dance floor. Equanimous expands the electronic music experience by playing live djembe, keys, and beatboxing along with his tracks. He’s known for his deep bass, beautiful melodies, live looping, and creative rhythmic beats that take people into a state of euphoric dancing and heart-centered bliss.
Equanimous has over a million streams on Spotify, and averages over 30,000 monthly listeners. He has released music independently, as well as through indie labels Gravitas and Jumpsuit Records.


Founder of The Wise Musicpreneur and Music Mentor

Heather Christie is a future-soul music artist from California. Her genre inspirations span from blues, r&b and soul to alt-pop, Broadway theatre, and space music.
Heather is a vocal coach and music mentor. Her passions stem from her love for regenerative living and artist empowerment. Her passions are to create beautiful music that makes people move, healthy living in rhythm with the earth, and inspiration and tools for all artists to create a more creatively activated world.
She has created music that has been licensed by LG Phones, and has gained over a million streams for her viral track 'Tincture'. Heather has over 20,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and is an artist on Jumpsuit Records.