A Six Week Supersonic Mastermind Experience for the Modern Musician

You are a Wise Musicpreneur if you are one who:

✨ Soulfully leads, is in integrity, and on purpose


✨ Organized, effective, informed 

✨ Kind, humble, supportive 

✨ Self-valuing, professional

✨ Holistic about your approach to your brand + your music

In weekly zoom calls, we will:

- Clarify Your WHY

- Pinpoint your message

- Develop your Niche

- Understand Soulful Branding 

- Claim Intuitive Social Media

-Learn to Link Online Channels

- Dive into and nurture the 'Fan journey'

- Understand indie 'growth farming' 

- Cover Booking Essentials

- Do Vocal Empowerment Exercises

- Look at Values of Modern Collaboration

- Review Website Development for Creatives

- Cover Music Launch Strategies

- Release Techniques

- How To: Wearing All of the Hats

- Discernment and Gigging

- Audio Engineering: Basics

- Essential Mixing Knowledge

- Admin 101 (Royalties + PRO's)

- Distribution

- Graphic Design Tools

...and more!

You will be wrapped in a fun, engaging container of community as you learn these things and gain new skills + comradery.

We'll have weekly assignments in our Private Facebook Group, covering:







You will receive: 

-Weekly 90 minute group zoom

video calls

-One 60 min 1:1 call 

-24/7 access to private FB community group

-Curriculum designed to help you gain clarity in yourself and traction in your career

- Resources to help you soulfully and effectively advance your music career using modern independent career tools 

- Powerful tools for boosting confidence in your path and style

- A group container to keep you accountable to your greatest visions & dreams

- A boost toward the next chapter of your music career

-Connections and relationships to help foster your growth in the music field

- Replay links for each class, and written material you can take home forever


Course Details

Fall 2020 (Exact Date TBA)

Meets WEEKLY on Zoom

*Limited spots available, contact for details and special offers.



         Heather Christie is a singer-songwriter and producer who has been on the ground in the music industry professionally for 8 years. She has had her music licensed by LG Phones, was on American Idol Season Finale in 2016, had her song 'Tincture' go viral, and through it all has been studying the Modern-day Music Industry with pros such as Rick Barker (Taylor Swift's former manager, of the Music Industry Blueprint), Cari Cole (Cari Cole Voice + Co.), Steve Palfreyman (Music Launch Hub), and more. She is a self-taught producer who has been working in the DAW Ableton for over 7 years. 

        Heather is an artist on the indie label Jumpsuit Records, spearheaded by popular festival producer Polish Ambassador. She co-runs her boutique booking agency 2 Suns Booking, and tours regionally + occasionally internationally performing her live sets and offering live in-person workshops.

      Heather's background in teaching not only comes from music, but in performance art as a healing modality. She developed a college curriculum for embodiment training at the University of Washington, as well as studied expressive arts therapy at Tamalpa Institute in Marin, CA. She brings a fusion of formal training in vocal performance with her healing modalities to create a holistic practice for the modern artist. Heather works with all ages and abilities of people to further music goals and intentions. She is originally from Santa Cruz, CA and lives in Topanga Canyon with her husband Vir.




Heather does a great job of sharing all the wisdom that she's learned in her 8-10 year path of being a musician.  She was able to convey all the information that was fun and easy to digest, and spoke to not only the business, but also the Soul, and what might be in resistance to owning yourself as a creative and artist. If you're an independent musician and feel you need any guidance, I would highly recommend Heather's program.

Dijon Bowden, The Indigo Keys